Still, I wait

Sit back and let me kneel before you
Allow me to testify my desires with my tongue …

Lay back and just feel …
… feel me inching closer to the center of your pleasure.
… feel the heat rising between us.
… feel my eyes molest your sexy body.
… feel me surrender to the carnal beast within.

It begins with the teasing of your inner thighs …
I command your silence … Maintain your composure …
And just when you think you have mastered it, a flick of the tongue breaks your will
… you take a quick breath to match …

My pussy pulses from your reaction
Anxiousness grows in mouth .. it begins to water …. Still, I wait

I begin to lick your lips … lubricating the pretty slit as if preparing it for the invasion of my eager tongue …

… I make my way to those chocolate chip nipples .. eagerly waiting for the warm and wet greeting from my mouth

I manipulate both breasts and nipples until I can feel your body seductively dancing beneath me … and still I wait …

My bored activity at work today ….


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