Bliss …

Saying her name felt just like the smooth taste of an expensive cognac. Her voice felt like tiny feathers teasing my body all at the same damn time.

It all started happening so fast and normally that’s a turn off but with her, for her, I was open.

Typical browsing and touching ‘Yes’ to the women I found attractive/intriguing in some way, shape or form. Somehow we interacted and after each message I became more and more pleasantly eager to read more. She was mentally hooking me.

I decided on sending a voice message, which later resulted in her providing me her number … which of course I used. That phone call resulted in 4+ hours of conversation. In my opinion, one of the most important and appreciated exchanges between two people whom share a mutual attraction.

Reminded me of the developments of an Old School Love.

“You hang up. No, You hang up … On three hang up”

I digress.

We decided to meet later on that day and we did. We ended up hanging out ’til 4 in the morning. Again that nostalgic type vibe.

The #HopelessRomantic in me loves a genuine Love story. It allows my heart to remain open … even in a world that seems to grow more heartless by the day.

There was definitely a growing attraction.

Her with her 5’10 athletic frame and muscular arms. She had locs past her shoulders and a set of plump juicy lips. Let’s not forget her ass … enticingly firm ass, which I couldn’t keep my hands or my eyes off.

She walked with a certain air of confidence that made my panties wet when I watched her. It also felt assuring to be in her presence … her company.

Laughter … was our shared lover.

The whole experience was pleasing in every way imaginable. What I believe hooked me was also the consistency and the communication. She became my Stud Best Friend.

She became … Bliss







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