Cum Inside …

… me, but enter slowly.

Enter me in a way that will ignite all the senses in my pussy, igniting an animalistic flame of lust.

Enter me in a way that leaves me gasping for air to breathe as I allow Lola to take you all in … inch by inch by inch …

Enter me in a way that makes me want to show you just how bad of a girl I’ve been.

Make me pay … discipline me … Make me OBEY.

Turn me around … Smack it … watch it jiggle.

Grab me by the hair, then pull my head back … bite my neck with just the right amount of aggression.

By the neck to bend me over …

Watch it … my ass …. getting ready for your exploration … possible violation.

Get in position.

Smack that ass … AGAIN!

“I’m sorry Daddi … I didn’t mean to shout.”



Shit … I gotta go to work!


2 thoughts on “Cum Inside …

  1. I can imagine your words, most times you can’t see what the author is trying to get across. In this short story you grasp the reader just enough and you keep them wanting more. Great job looking forward to reading more.

    Liked by 1 person

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